Creating magic all around the world

         Xenia Motif is a creative studio that was born out of the passion for a meaningfully curated life and travel experiences.




London-based aspiring creative director and stylist, Xenia has the ability to tune into the essence of her clients and helping to tell their stories and translate them into visuals.

Originally from the big cold north — Siberia, Russia, Xenia has started her design career in Thailand, working for the best wedding planners in the region, and soon after moving to Europe, she followed her creative vision to establish Xenia Motif, a creative studio, specializing in weddings, travel and lifestyle editorials. 

A stylist, designer and a dreamer at her core, Xenia gives life to creative concepts that form the base for chic and unique celebrations around the globe. Inspired by luxury travel, fashion, history and nature, her designs are full of life and authenticity. 


The name of the brand, while echoing the name of its founder, also refers to the Roman art of mosaics, where xenia motif is a still life creation depicting a generous offering from a wealthy host to his guests. With our works, we aim to create the same feeling of a precious meaningful gift, intangible, yet appreciable.  

Brand imagery, fashion campaign, weddings or honeymoons, — we're passionate visual storytellers, and we can not wait to hear and share, yours.



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