Each shoot, even the simplest one, needs one key element that holds the story together. This portrait session for the newly engaged couple, Sam & Ami,  was guided by the Loom Curated approach, introduced by Ginny Au.


Sam & Ami live in Japan, and they travelled to England for a family visit. The country has always been special to them, especially for Sam, whose heritage rests in both England and Japan. That’s how I thought of the simple and natural element that would bond the story together — tea. Tea to connect London and Tokyo, spark conversations, and warm them up on that chilly rainy morning. Tea is a universal way to share slow, meaningful moments in the morning. It is a ritual that can bring people together, and a way to express affection and care for a partner.


Sam and Ami had described their relationship as effortless, joyful, and a little bit silly. I allowed the morning sequence to unfold quite naturally for the couple, with lazy moments spent in bed, discussing travel plans for England, sharing inspiration, and enjoying each other. We then gave them a chance to cook breakfast and play around a bit.


Authentic and honest imagery, real emotions and love — this is what this shoot is about.



Creative direction / space curation / wardrobe: Xenia Motif
Photography: Alleksana Photography