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Do you want to find freedom in your business and design a beautiful brand that feels true to you and your values? You’ve come to the right place.

As a brand owner myself, I know the struggle of trying to find your brand identity too well. In search for the right answers too many people come to the wrong places; they separate the visual brand from their brand essence altogether, in desire to just do something pretty.
On the other end of the spectrum are those who neglect the visual aspect, focusing simply on the message, forgetting that first impressions matter.

Your brand should be about you. It should reflect what you believe in with your whole heart. And it should be reflected in every single element.

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Brand strategy & visual identity
My creative process goes way deeper than a simple logo design, because I believe that a pretty brand without roots is just an empty wrapping. We always start our process by discovering your deep driving purpose, your values, your mission, and the message you want to share with the world. Through a series of targeted questionnaires and interviews, I discover what makes your brand special and unique, and only then build its visual identity from there.

We then create an initial brand strategy document, which includes an overview of your target audience and competitors, a visual mood board, brand personality, messaging and tone of voice. Once we are both happy with the direction, I set to work on your brand’s visual identity.

Visual identity can cover everything from your logo and sub-marks, illustrations and patterns, fonts and typefaces, social media templates, brand visuals and collateral designs (packaging, business cards, presentations, etc).
Web design & development
Not everyone needs a website, but if you do need one that doesn’t just look good, but also helps you reach your business goals, I offer a full in-house web design & development on Tilda Platform, as well as design only for any other platforms.
Social media, Content & Communication
Once you have an established brand identity, it important to make sure that all your communications are aligned with that personality and back up your brand values. Together we develop a cohesive communication strategy for social media, including visual designs and content plans, collaboration ideas and more.
You will have a full clarity on how to use and showcase your new branding in the best possible way.
Creative direction & shoot production
Creating immersive and deeply engaging visual campaigns is probably my greatest passion. From the initial idea, mood boarding, all the way to live styling and photo production, I'm here to help you create the imagery that stands out and reflects the essence of your brand.
A written word wields a great power. It can take us to remote places, make us feel happy, sad, hungry, impassioned. Having written for lifestyle brands, personal blogs, travel publications and service-based businesses, I love immersing readers into my texts.

Whether it is a short-copy for social media or a long-form essay for a magazine publication, it'd love to exolore it together with you.
Event production & design
Brand events are a wonderful way to engage with your audience. By creating immersive experiences for your clients you can connect with them on a much deeper level, bringing trust  and a strong affinity. 

I curate a creative team of florists, graphic designers, entertainment, catering and whatever else we might need to put together an experience that your audience will be talking about for months. 
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All brand services projects require bespoke pricing, as scope of work varies largely from brand to brand.

Writing commissions are priced at £50 / hour.

Build-your-own services are also available. Please inquire below to discuss your project and receive a custom quote.