13 Wedding Cakes Ideas and Trends for Modern Couples

A good dessert is key to a good party! Wedding cakes have always been an important part of wedding traditions, and they have progressed and evolved over the years into a focal point of any celebration. 
Just like anything else, a good cake needs to be carefully selected, curated and presented in accordance with your overall wedding theme. It might seem like an easy thing to do (after all, everyone has a favourite cake!), but there are so many things to consider!
Season, menu, flavour combinations, size, weight, style, presentation…

We wanted to share some examples of cake trends and style that we’re loving at the moment, and maybe inspire you for your own wedding! 




Wedding cakes usually consist of perfectly round layers stacked upon each other, but there is a surge of square cakes at the moment. They look modern and edgy, simple but sophisticated.

Total Black

That’s a rebel of a wedding cake! For those who dare, who are not afraid to express themselves, for modern dreamers. Black allows to wonderful play with texture and shapes, so sky is your limit here!

Painter’s Dream

What if your cake was a canvas for an art piece? There are multiple techniques one can try: watercolour, abstract strokes, nature illustration...
Go for something that is in line with the overall theme of the event, and the cake is going to a masterpiece cherry on top of your celebration! 


Architectural Opus

Single Tier Cakes

Minimalism is coming to pastry world as well, and simple one-tier cakes are now on the rise. Simply iced with cream, they can be decorated with fruits and flowers following your wedding theme. If you have a large wedding, consider ordering a few cakes and displaying them on a sweet tables, on stands of different height for extra visual effects. 

Pretty Florals

Floral cakes will never get old! Although decoration techniques shift towards simplicity here as well: these examples of floral appliqué are just perfect!

Harvest Inspired

Cakes laden with seasonal fruits and flowers — a steady classic! Multi-tired sweet creations with a waterfall of visually delicious gifts of nature, all seasons and local to create an organic, cohesive look. Think about all the beautiful English berries for UK weddings, Spanish figs for wedding in Ibiza or Mallorca, Italian peaches for weddings in Tuscany...


You know how all wedding cakes are always perfectly centred and symmetrical? But they don’t have to be! By shifting layers you can create an interesting new look, adding that extra creative touch!

Texture Game

Texture is almost as powerful as colour when it comes to design. 
Taking a simple tired cake and working with interesting textures, like marble, concrete, crumbles, natural imprints, frills and so on, can be very visually powerful. 


Edible Brushstrokes 

This sweet design created by a talented Russian bakery in Moscow, is simple, but strikingly beautiful, adds not just the shape and colour, but visual line to the whole cake. 


Speaking of visual movement — no-one does it better than San Francisco based Jasmine Rae Cakes. She uses rice paper to create flowy, light designs, that look like they’re made of pieces of lightest silky fabric.

Playful Frills & Ruffles

Frills & ruffles were long at a centre stage of cake decoration, yet now they are more expressive, nature-inspired, which results in cakes that look almost like a flower bud about to open.

Nature Canvas

Take a simple white cake and use floral elements to decorate it in accordance with the overall wedding styling. Less is more rule is applied here, — think of the purpose each element play and work with different sized/levels/textures to create a unique organic look. 

Trends come and go, but a good dessert remains in your memory. 
Don’t leave the cake decision to the very last time, and discuss the design and flavour with your wedding planner and caterer.