21 Wedding Cake Flavours for any season

While a couple of months ago we covered some of our most favourite wedding cake design ideas in our blog, I feel it's important to also talk about the contents of the cake. After all, this is what it’s all about — sharing a delicious sweet treat with your partner and your guests!

Because we love delicious and natural products and stand strong for using seasonal ingredients at their best, today we are sharing some of our favourite flavour combinations for your wedding cake, some intriguing and unusual, some more classic and timeless.  


  • pistacho/raspberry
  • matcha & chocolate
  • orange blossom 
  • Ispahan (raspberries, rose, and lychee)


  • Lemon & berries
  • Champagne & strawberry
  • Lavender & earl grey
  • Coconut & mango
  • Blackberry & thyme 


  • Pumpkin, pear & hazelnut 
  • Camomile & honey
  • Plum & cardamom
  • Spiced apple
  • Chocolate & cassis 
  • Fig & goat cheese 


  • Pear and chocolate
  • Passion fruit & chocolate
  • Chocolate & peppermint
  • Salted caramel
  • Banana & coconut 
  • Orange & almond 

Being a wedding planner in London, I am spoilt by a wide choice of amazing bakers, whose creativity and passion for sweet things inspire me to think further and deeper about even this seemingly small element of the wedding. But whether I am planning a wedding in the UK, wedding in Italy or a wedding in Spain, I always search for someone deeply passionate and creative to collaborate on my projects,  because I believe my couples deserve the very best.

Reach out today to discuss your perfect wedding, destination or at home! At Xenia Motif Creative Studio, London, we'll make sure it exceeds your wildest dreams! 

* preview image by Twigg Studios