8 Best Wedding Caterers in London

When it comes to the work of a wedding planner, planning a wedding menu is one of the most exciting parts. 
While some think of the food as a simple commodity and a way to feed ourselves, we think of it as an art, a form of expression and storytelling, and one of the important elements of the wedding day, as something that brings everyone together. 

Not only it is important to think of your guests' dietary requirements, quality of ingredients, style of serving, and presentation, but also to ensure that your approach to food is aligned with that of your chosen caterer.

Being professional wedding planners based in London, we are spoilt by the line up of incredible restaurants and talented chefs, so it’s no wonder that the choice of caterers in the capital is amazing. Today we’re speaking of a few of our favourites and their unique approach to food and events. 

Running since 2007, TopHat works under their slogan of ‘sensational food’, and looking at their creation you know exactly what this means. They’ve won Best Small Caterer award at the London Catering Awards 2019 and worked at some of the most incredible venues in the country.

This London-based team is produce-driven, and pays the utmost attention to the quality of their ingredients. Sourcing as much as they can locally in the UK, and if not, aiming for the top-quality products available from other prime locations in the world (like olive oil from Italy or tequila from Mexico), they create wonderful seasonal menus, catering for top brand events, private parties and weddings in the UK

A truly international hospitality group, Rhubarb combines their luxury catering service with a range of successful restaurants both in the English capital and across the ocean in New York. Creative culture and focus on excellence has brought the company to the top of the industry, where they continuously create amazing food stories for an elite clientele. 

With over 40 years of experience delivering exception food to their London clientele, Mustard catering is now available worldwide. They’re always on trend with their creative presentation, at the same time paying the upmost attention to the quality of their ingredients. Wonderful choice for couples living in London and planning destination wedding elsewhere, as you can sample all their sumptuous food right in the city, without having to plan an additional trip for it. 

Keeping things fresh, seasonal and delicious, Social Pantry is one of the most dynamic teams and most celebrated caterers in London in the last few years.  Creativity, sustainability and enjoyment is at the heart of everything they do. In addition to catering to the most discerning clientele (David Attenborough and Rihanna are among them!), they run a bunch of cafes and restaurants in the city, all of them with different and amazing menus. Beautiful choices for young and progressive!

Self-proclaimed curators of beautiful events, The Last Supper cater for clean, contemporary, and glamorous events, with their signature flair. Nothing short of perfection, their events are polished, menus exclusive and service impeccable. 

A family-run catering company with very personal approach, Rocket especially love catering for weddings. Getting to know their clients, working closely with the best suppliers and wedding planners in the UK, they provide excellent service in the most exquisite locations. 

Beautiful and vibrant culinary creations by Tart London have found their fans in some of the most widely known names in fashion and movie industry (Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Cara Delevingne, Gisele Bundchen and Eddie Redmayne among the others). They focus on healthy food, without it being boring. Inspired among other things by the owners travels, their menus are always fun and enticing,

If you’re not planning a wedding in London, but elsewhere in the UK, not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Xenia Motif provides wedding planning services, as well as creative direction for weddings anywhere in the UK, including always popular Cotswolds, Cornwall, gorgeous fairytale Scotland, and many more other locations. 
If you’re looking for catering recommendations in other locations, have a look at a few of the ones we love:

Eat 5 Star (Bath, Cotswolds) 
Hickory Food (Scotland)  — focus on green weddings

For more information on our wedding services in the UK, please drop us a message, and we will get back with a personalized quote.