Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Wedding Plans

For the past few weeks, we have all been overwhelmed by constant news of virus spreading throughout the world, imposing high risk to the health of many, disrupting daily routines, forcing to change plans.


While coronavirus started in China is now spread widely across the world, and panic is growing noticeably faster. 
In this unstable and alarming times, it’s hard enough to figure out a regular daily routine, let alone plan an event as important as a wedding. Yet there are of course many couples with their celebrations scheduled to take place in 2020, who are affected by this and now trying to figure out the best course of action.

At Xenia Motif we are doing our best to help our 2020 couples adjust to this situation.
Some of the potential solutions include:

  • if your wedding is scheduled to take place in spring/early summer, we advise postponing and pushing the date further into the year, ideally past summer months, to allow more time for the situation to subside and normalise.
  • talk to your wedding planner and all vendors to discuss the policies in place. Normally, all of them should allow for the rescheduling for any other date without any change in rates. 
  • keep in touch and constant communication with your planner, venue and other vendors, checking in on updates and wellbeing often. 
  • inform all your guests about the change in advance. 
  • ​keep calm, composed, and positive! do not stress out. For better or worse, we are all in this together, and a) there is no point of stressing out about something you can not control or affect in any way, and b) we need to simply support each other and be understanding of each other. 

The truth is – we can make predictions and hope for the best, but in reality, no-one quite knows how this situation is going to develop. As we have to surrender a little and accept the fact that only time and stillness will help resolve this.
When this crisis is over, the happiness and enjoyment of gathering your friends and family to celebrate your love will be even bigger than you could ever imagine.


Until then, take care of yourself and those around you and keep positive vibes!