Living Coral — 2019 Colour of the Year

Every year The Pantone Institute of Color chooses a hue that will influence all spheres of our live, especially for those of us working in art-related industries. 
In 2019 it’s going to be Living Coral, a vibrant yet mellow, soft yet uplifting hue with golden undertones. 
While the world is turning into a more thoughtful and environmentally aware place, the name of the hue becomes even more meaningful. Not only it signifies the colour itself, but I also believes it turns out attention to sustainable and ecological materials in design.
I wanted to share my interpretation of the colour palette for the upcoming season:

  • Playful, but natural make up with accent on natural blush and sun-kissed skin​
  • Ruffled textures in florals and textiles reminiscent of living corals​
  • Clean architectural lines in spaces to let the bright colour shine​
  • Neutral base colours of soft drey and off-white​

I am excited for all the things we’ll be able to create in 2019, and can not wait to share more of this with you!