Wedding Trends 2020

So we stepped into a new decade, and it feels like a fresh, sparkling new beginning. Innovation and originality are at heart of everything, weddings are no exception.
I feel like we have now finally reached the point where there are no rules to swear by, no scripts to follow.  Everything is dictated by how you want the day to feel and look at your personal inspirations, aspirations, and aesthetics. 
Trends are still here though, and I feel very excited about the ones we’re witnessing in 2020. I am looking forward to incorporating them with my clients.

The biggest and the most important trend of all — sustainable and eco-friendly practices. This touches upon all areas of your events, from fashion and attires to decor and flowers, to your food. Being conscious of our environment is something we owe to our planet and ourselves, and big celebrations like a wedding is a great opportunity to draw attention to such important issues. We covered a few sustainable wedding ideas in our earlier blog post, so make sure to check it if you’re interested in the subject.  

When it comes to decor, dried flowers are making their strong appearance on the wedding scene. What previously was considered a taboo, now makes the most gorgeous and impressive designs. Using dry flowers is one of the ways to сut down your environmental impact too, as they can be reused. Using dry flowers also allows for more interesting decor options in seasons where flora is not as abundant, particularly late autumn and winter. 
While pampas grass is a thing of the past now, more trendy species are silver leaf, dried hydrangeas, roses and more.  

The time of pastels is over! While blush pink and serenity blue are surely pretty, they are also way too conventional and we’ve seen way too much of them. 
While last year saw the rise of neutral and nude palettes (and they’re still holding strong!), now is the time for experiments and statement-making. 2020 will see a lot of strong, bold colour accents in decor, attires, stationery, and food. 
If you’re struggling to choose colour palette for your wedding, check out our previous blog post, where we share our wedding planner experience.  


Conscious eating slowly becomes an essential part of our lives, as people start to pay more and more attention to what and how they eat. Farm-to-table, organic, vegetable-centric meals are more popular than ever, and food now is way more than a mere nourishment. It can be a centre of attention, a form of art, entertainment, — and when, if not on a wedding day, it is the best time to be served the best meal. 
Consider both form and essence, presentation and ingredients.
Keep your guests entertained with interactive food experiences: cheese tastings, mixology sessions, live cookery shows and more.  

Ceremonies are the focal point at any wedding, and they deserve to be as personal as possible. If you opt for a symbolic ceremony, ask your close friend or a family member to officiate. Someone who knows you as a couple, has seen you grow together and can share the words that will mean more than any other officiant might be able to convey.  

Engagement sessions, previously ofter overlooked or simple enough, get more and more interesting nowadays. Travel captures our imagination and far-flung destinations become perfect backdrops for romantic adventures captured on camera. Taking your engagement session afar is also a great chance to work with amazing creatives, whose work you might have admired for some time from across the globe. 
At Xenia Motif, we worked with couples in Thailand and Italy, Bali and Mexico, and every time the result was absolutely stunning! 

Personalisation is a strong motif in wedding fashion as well, with dresses now serving as canvases for statements, mottoes and secret messages.
When a few years ago Angelina Jolie decided to adorn her dress with her children’s drawings it seemed like a very bold and unique choice, but now we see celebrities like Hailey Biber, having her veil embellished with TILL DEATH DO US PART, and Priyanka Chopra adding intricately embroidered dates, names, and mantras to her beautiful gown. 
We absolutely love London-based designer Hermione de Paula for incorporating such secret messages into her intricate designs.  

The bride is naturally the star of her wedding day, but in 2020 wedding dresses will make her stand out even more. It’s time for extra chic gowns that make a true fashion statement. Ultra-long veils (like the one Priyanka Chopra went for), playful frills, layered tules… Dream and fantasise, like your wedding is a MET Ball, and you’re the main persona! 

While veils are traditional head garments for brides, but we’ve seen a surge of amazing alternative options of headwear making it’s way to weddings. Headbands, scarves, hats — whatever speaks to your style and coordinates well with your outfit.  

While destination weddings are not new anymore, and a lot of couples passionate about travel choose to combine a visit to their favourite location or a new exciting place with their wedding to make it extra special. Yet in 2020 (and 2021, I’m sure!) we’re going to see more couples choosing fresh and interesting destinations for their nuptials. Whether it is an elopement on a high mountain peak in Peru or Northern Italy, a mindful gathering of closest friends in the Japanese countryside, overlooking Mountain Fuji, or sunshine-soaked beach ceremony in the Philippines — the world is your oyster!
Be bold! 


Whether you decide to incorporate trends into your wedding or keep to timelessness, your wedding is still going to be the most special day in your lives. At Xenia Motif we help our couples figure out exactly how to best reflect their story and their relationship in their wedding day, with the help of decor and entertainment, food and stationery, attending to the smallest details.

Get in touch today and let's create the dreamiest wedding day for you — whether it is in London, Italy, Spain, Thailand, or anywhere else in the world!