Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

You’re engaged! 

It is such a special and magical time. Despite this insecure time for humanity, we’re all still humans and love is the best thing to celebrate at any time. So breathe in, breathe out — and smile! An exciting road of wedding planning is ahead of you, and it needs to bring positive emotions and never add up stress to our otherwise crazy routines.
If you’ve just got engaged, you are most likely to plan your wedding to happen in 2021, which is going to be a BEAUTIFUL year for a wedding! With the second half of 2020 expected to be double packed with postponed events, as well as those scheduled to go as normal from mid-summer onwards, the next year definitely promises a fresh start.  

If you’re having more time on your hands now, you can start familiarising yourself with the planning process, agreeing on the wedding date, as well as booking your primary and essential vendors: photographer (and videographer), venue and planner. 
For those of you ready to jump straight ahead into full-scale planning mode, we prepared the ultimate wedding planning checklist, with a 1-year-long timeline, covering everything from booking your venue to having your manicure done the day before. 


Your wedding date might be further away, which simply means you have more time for browsing Pinterest and Instagram and getting your ideas together. If your timeframe is a little shorter, don't panic! Simply adjust the template, and make your key decisions first (venue, photographer), the rest will fall in place after that. 

Hiring an experienced wedding planner will help you tremendously, — consider getting in touch with planners living in your area or the area where of your wedding. 

Xenia Motif is based in London and covers weddings all around the UK (England: London the Cotswolds, Cornwall, Dorset, Sussex, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire and beyond; Scotland; and many others), Europe, and more remote corners of the world. We value authentic, culturally rich experiences, and always look for it to be reflected in events we create. 

All photos are from lookbook photoshoot of Tatyana Kochnova prêt à porter wedding collection. Photography: Antonova Ksenia, Planning & Concept: Peony Studio, MUAH: Christina Chernyavskaya