Love lives in us, and manifests itself small things. Reading in bed, cooking breakfast together, never forgetting to play.
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I have always been attracted to authentic and honest imagery. My problem was grasping how to integrate that type of imagery into the wedding world. Upon discovering the Loom approach advocated by amazing Ginny Au, I was instantly drawn towards the raw emotions and honesty captured in the images.

Sam and Ami had described their relationship as effortless, joyful, and a little bit silly. So I wanted to bring those elements in as well, and gave them a chance to cook breakfast and play around a bit. I used tea as a connective element between these two great cultures – so opposite and so special in many respects. Tea is a universal way to share slow, meaningful moments in the morning. It is a ritual that can bring people together, and a way to express the affection and care for a partner.

Photography: Alleksana photography
Styling & creative direction: Xenia Motif creative studio