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Wedding Budget 101

“How much does a wedding cost?” As a wedding industry professional with over 8 years experience, I hear this question quite a lot. The answer, however, is not very straightforward, and might be confusing to the couples: “It depends”. Depends on a lot of variable factors.

After all, it really boils down to what you are looking for. How much does a car cost? Well, do you want a Mercedes or Fiat? The options are numerous, and you are to choose and decide what it is you WANT to spend. 

Wedding is, without any doubt, one of the most important days of your life, and you want it to be special. It is important, however, to set your own rules and make sure that you’re planning something you can afford and comfortable spending on. Money talk is never comfortable, but it’s important to have it early on in the process to avoid problems along the way.
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It’s never worth spending a fortune on a day if you’re saving for your dream house to start your married life in. If, however, you have your parents contributing to a wedding budget or your own savings specifically for that one dream day — make sure you allocate the funds smartly, and in a way that really makes sense for you. 
Regardless, of what your overall budget is, there are general guidelines to the budget allocation:

  • Venue + catering - 40%
  • Photo/video - 15-20%
  • Planner - 10-15%
  • Decor - 15-20%
  • Entertainment - 10-15%

It’s important to understand still, that each couple have their own priorities, and thus, budget allocation needs to change accordingly.
To some, food and drinks are the most important aspects of the day, and so they will focus on putting more attention, and money, into these while cutting down on their decor.
To others, their focus is on jaw-dropping decor and fresh flowers, which shifts the financial focus accordingly. 
There is no one correct way to do it, everything is personal!
Working with your wedding planner is the best way to ensure you stick to your budget and keep the focus on the areas most important to you. 
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Whether you decide to hold your wedding locally or opt for a destination wedding, the help of a professional wedding planner is essential. It may seem like a large investment at first, but it saves couples a lot of money, time and nerves in the long term. Consider reaching out to the planner and designer whose vision is aligned with yours.
At Xenia Motif, we absolutely love working with like-minded couples, who love travel, enjoy extraordinary culinary experiences. Reach out today to book a free initial consultation, and let's get closer to that dream wedding you've always imagined!  
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