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Top 10 Wedding & Honeymoon Destinations 2019 — PART 1

When it comes to deciding on your wedding or honeymoon destination, it would be strange to rely on trends, — after all, this is probably one of the most memorable trips one can take in life, and this decision is better to be driven by your own likes and interests. However, it is hard to deny that each certain countries and cities gain a little more attention and popularity.
Plus, when couples considering a destination wedding get asked where they’d want the day to take place, most say somewhere ‘exotic’ or ‘unique’. And this is so natural to want for this day and this particular to stand out from the rest you already took or will ever take! 

And today I want to go through a list of destinations that I personally find a perfect choice for a modern couple in 2019. Each of them has a different reason to be on that list, but all of them are quite something, so let’s get on with it! 


A few Greek islands have long been known as one of the most romantic spots in Europe, popular with honeymooners and grooms planning an unforgettable proposal — and dramatic cliffs of Santorini, for example, create just a perfect backdrop.
But when it comes to destination weddings, Greece is only gaining its momentum, with more new islands developing and entering the game. 
My personal favourites are Kos and Mykonos, so different from one another, buе both making a perfect stage for a destination wedding. Mykonos, mostly famous for its parties, has amazing architecture and gorgeous blue and white sea views while Kos makes a paradise for a relaxed bohemian vibe wedding.
My favourite hotels include Casa Cook and San Giorgio Mykonos.  


Can you find a place more exotic than Bali? You probably can, but for it to be as easily accessible with international flights, and great infrastructure? I don’t think so. Balinese spirituality and ancient traditions, mysteries of jungle forests, and striking ocean views make it a perfect spot for the couples with curious explorers souls, passion for new and unknown and love for nature. 
Perfect hotels to choose:
  •   Amankila, where Balinese culture dictates the architecture, and harmony is in everything, plus the views of the less explored and touristy east coast are just incredible
  • Four Seasons, Ubud — riverside sanctuary in spiritual Ubud neighbourhood. Getting married here is to be truly blessed by the universe.
However, it would be wrong to focus only on Bali. Indonesia is a vast and limitlessly interesting country. Exploring less known destinations such as Jawa with Amanjiwo, Bintan with Sanchaya, or Lombok. 


A tiny island in the Caribbean, St Lucia is naturally famous as a paradise for a romantic getaway, but to think of actually marrying there? Seems like a challenging task one might think!
But with the right wedding planner by your side, this affair can turn in to the most exciting adventure! It’s important to gather a perfect team, who understand the location and are excited by the creative challenges of producing a top luxury event at a tiny island in the middle of the ocean.
And with a perfect backdrop, like Viceroy Sugar beach, this wedding will be bound to be nothing but legendary! 


Spain is one of those counties with a reputation for mind-blowing parties, and budget beach getaways, but not as much a luxury romantic wedding destination. As with many other countries on my list, I think there’re so many hidden gems in Spain that are just perfect for tying the knot.
Ibiza, for instance, is one of my absolute favourites, with beautiful nature and vast farmlands, golden fields and turquoise waters.
Granja Ibiza is my idea of a perfect laid-back getaway anytime, and especially for an authentic, nature-focused wedding (and we know that this is a true luxury these days!
For an even more chilled place by the sea, consider a nearby island of Formentera — just a 30 min ferry ride will get your there, and you will find yourself in a bohemian paradise. Check out Gecko Hotel and Beach Club for a modern beachfront venue, with beautifully designed interiors and an amazing restaurant with seasonal sea-inspired menus.  
Andalusia is another very underestimated region in the southern part of the country. Gorgeous private residences with regional architecture are a perfect place to celebrate special occasions.


Now, what do you know about Scotland? A small mountainous country in the north of Britain, where men wear kilts and everyone drinks whiskey? That is, in fact, true, but also: it’s the country of castles and fairytales, magical islands and emerald landscapes, stormy seas and strong spirit. 
If you ever wanted to find yourself in the middle of a fairytale — this is it!
Medieval castles like Thirlestan castle, or Dundas Castle send your straight to the dream state. Gorgeous authentic countryside properties like Three Chimneys in Isle of Skye and Gleneagles, a Riviera in Highlands, create a beautiful setting for someone looking for a truly unique cultural experience and beautiful landscape with character.  

I hope these destinations resonate with you just like they do with me, and you’ll find this inspiring to plan your next romantic trip, or, in fact, your honeymoon or wedding!
Remember to have the right people helping you with organising such an important event, and get in touch with a wedding planner whose aesthetic you like, and brainstorm some creative ideas together! 

5 more gorgeous destinations coming up shortly in the next blog posts.
Stay Tuned! 

*** all photos are taken from venues' websites: Casa Cook, San Giorgio Mykonos, 

 Amankila, Four Seasons Ubud, Amanjiwo, Sanchaya, Viceroy Sugar beach, Granja Ibiza, Thirlestan castle, Dundas Castle, Three Chimneys, Gleneagles.