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Design Ideas for a Perfect Autumn Wedding

Summer is coming to an end, and we are all getting into a cosy autumnal mood. Autumn is one of my absolute favourite time of the year, when everything is more cosy, riper, more whole. 
Autumn is abundance, the time to love and feel loved, and to me, it’s a perfect time for a wedding.
From a more logical point of view, more wedding venues are available than in the prime of summer months, rates get more attractive as well, and the chances that your dream wedding vendors are available for your date are much higher. In many European countries, including Italy, Spain, Greece, the weather is still perfectly warm for an outdoor wedding, and for those planning a wedding in the UK, you can enjoy beautiful colours of nature and cosiness of indoor receptions. 
Here are some of my favourite ideas and trends for an autumn European wedding. 

Colours & Textures

Photo: Erich McVey; Styling: Pearl and Godiva
image via Pinterest
image via Pinterest

I never get tired of saying that finding inspiration in the surrounding environment is the most organic approach to event design and styling.
In a time when leaves are turning colour, the air gets crispier, and the light turns more golden, it provides you with multiple options for colour and texture direction.
Think earthy, ochre and golden tones for a more neutral palette, or go for deep burgundy + chocolate tones if you’re up for something bold.
A wonderful way to add texture is to use interesting fabrics, both in your look and in the design elements of the event (table linen, ceremony canopy, ribbons, and so on). You want something flowy, but also that has got the textural weight to it, so it can create interesting folds. 

Table setting

image via Pinterest the prop dispensary
Photo: peaches and mint; Styling: pearl and godiva
Photo: Erich McVey; Styling: Ginny Au
photos: Emily Fuselier

Playing with natural elements you can incorporate fruits, nuts, and foraged plants into your tablescape. Artisan ceramics are wonderful for special autumnal gathering, and they can look beautiful on the canvas of natural, neutral table linen. Use florals, your stationery, and ribbons to add accent colours.
Organic, irregular shapes of plates is a nice way to add personality to the table. 
I personally love the combination of golden cutlery and artisan crockery in neutral tones. 

Bridal look

Photo: Meghan Kay Sadler; Dresses: Emily Riggs Bridal
photo: Bryce Covey
image via Pinterest

Autumn is a perfect time to look at more closed dress designs. High necklines, standing collars, long puffed sleeves, — opportunities are endless!
You can also play with colours — try neutral beige, champagne tones, maybe some ochre.
Hairstyle — we love either old-world thick European braided looks or modern buns and sleek low ponytails. Keep your make up natural, 'barely there', with focus on naturally sensuous lips, fresh cheek colour and sun-kissed skin. 

Floral design

Photo: Kt Merry, Flowers: Honey of thousand flowers
image via Pinterest
Photo: Rrich McVey; Styling: Pearl & Godiva

Autumn is the season for experiments. It brings so many beautiful blooms, including dahlias and cosmos, pretty herbaceous branches like astilbe, verbena, and ammi.
As a frame and canvas, you can choose herbs, ivy or colour-turning tree branches, and consider including berry branches (like beautiful blackberry cluster) into the design. If there's ever a perfect time for foraging, it is autumn. 
Thinking of colour palette, pay attention to the surrounding flora of the area, and the general aesthetic of the venue. Autumn in Europe usually dictates pale green, burnt orange, light ochre tones, with some deep burgundy red and purple accents.  

Flowers: Studio Mondine
photo: Heather Hawkins; Flowers: Bows and Arrows

At Xenia Motif Creative Studio we love creating autumnal weddings.
In the UK autumn weddings mean cosy gatherings by the fireplace, seasonal meals, still heavy on vegetable, but with the hearty addition of game meats.
In Italy, autumn is the perfect season for destination weddings, with prices in the most popular locations like Tuscany coming lower, temperatures dropping to a comfortable level, and their beautiful food produce coming to the peak of it gourmet prime.
In Spain, autumn is the time for the most magical light and quiet gatherings in places now clear of crazy summer holiday crowds. 
Wherever you decide to hold your destination wedding in autumn, we will be there to guide you through both the logistics and the aesthetic sides of the process.  

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