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6 Things to Remember When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is no easy task, and the profession of a wedding planner exists for a reason. It takes A LOT of time and effort, a lot of decisions and creativity. 
It is possible that you might feel overwhelmed at a certain stage of the process, which is why we are writing this article. Whenever it feels like it’s too much to handle, return to this list.  

Enjoy being engaged

Engagement is an important period in the life of every couple, enjoy it! Live in the moment, go on dates and surprise each other, book a photo shoot at a location that is meaningful to you both. This is the time that won’t repeat ever again!  

Wedding planning should be fun

Planning your wedding should feel like a hobby that you enjoy, not as a duty you’re dreaded. If discussing tabletop rentals and flower arrangements are causing you stress, consider hiring a wedding creative director or a wedding planner, or ask a friend/sibling/bridal party for help.

Marriage is more important than the wedding 

Sometimes you and your partner might hold different opinions on wedding-related things, whether it is your wedding budget, decoration style, wedding day menu, choice of music, or anything else. Before fighting or holding on to bitter feelings, remember why you’re planning this wedding. You want to get married and spend the rest of your life together, right? So always think marriage before wedding, and seek a compromise that leaves you both happy. 

Your day — your rules

Traditions are important, but if they do not feel right to you, you don’t need to follow them. After all, a wedding is a celebration of love, joining of two lives and two hearts, so it’s you two that count. 
Only consider following advice of other people if it feels right, feels like YOU, feels important.  


Delegation is Key

We all have only a limited number of hours in a day, and 7 days in a week.
With your actual job, social activities, hobbies it can be hard to find time to work on multiple planning tasks. 
Wedding planning is a full-time job (that’s what wedding planners are for!), so seriously consider delegating it to a professional. It will save you your valuable time, nerves and, ultimately, money! 

Don't forget to take breaks from planning

Even if you do have a wedding planner, you are still going to be in 'wedding planning mode’ most of the time, because it is so new and exciting! 
We all need a break from constant thoughts though, so to avoid overheating, take a break with your partner, and set off for a holiday or ever a weekend away, when you don’t discuss your wedding at all. Talk about your hobbies, read a book, enjoy long walks, but not a word about those flower arrangements and cocktail recipes for aperetivo! 

You’ll come back fresh and reset, possibly with lots of fresh ideas and thoughts. More importantly, you’ll remember what is the most important part of it all — your relationship with each other. 

We hope you will fully enjoy your wedding planning!
With the help of our wedding planning, creative direction, and wedding design services, you can be assured you’re in safe hands. 
Xenia Motif is based in London, creating weddings all around the world, from England to Spain, from Cotswolds to Bali, from Ibiza to Tuscany. Reach out today to inquire for a full list of services and a personalised quote!  


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