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Why Elopements Are Going to Be a Big New Thing

Elopements have existed for hundreds of years now, although at the beginning of its story they were there only for the couples who wanted to keep their marriage secret.
Nowadays, elopements turned into a luxury for two. It is still the same intimate experience, only it does not have to be a small unnoticeable secret. More and more couples choose to elope in their dream destination, to share this special place, to create their own adventure.  

With the pandemic changing the way we live, connect, travel, it’s also showing us that humanity still has a lot to learn. We need at this moment in out history to reevaluate what’s actually important in life and what matters. We’re all separated in our homes, but in a way, we are now more connected than ever. We realise that distance doesn’t matter if we support and care for each other. We call our parents and friends, we reflect. And also, we connect on a much much deeper level with our life partners. And if it all coincides with your engagement period — take it as a blessing. Spending all this time tougher in a shared space is a unique chance to get to know each other profoundly, to fall in love all over again.
And when we’re past this coronavirus crisis, the world will see a boom of weddings, large and small, in all the corners of the world. Some couples will want to gather all of their friends and family for a big celebration, while others will appreciate the intimacy and quietness and opt for luxuriously private elopements. And we are sure to see a lot of the latter.
There’re many reasons for why you might want to consider to elope.


Big weddings are surely lots of fun, but planning one is not a joke. Even with the help and support of a professional wedding planner, you will still need lots of time to work on it and lots of decisions to make. You always need to remember that it’s not just the day for you, it’s also a celebration for your guests, and thinking of their comfort and preferences is a big deal. Elopement in its turn is a much easier affair to plan out, simply because there are only two people who have a say here: yourself and your partner.
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Did you always want to see the sunrise in Moroccan dunes? Or admire the view from the windy tops fo Scottish Highlands? Why not combine these romantic travel dreams with your ceremony? After all, is there anything more special than having your mutual dream being realised while you exchange your vows?
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Elopements do not have to be plain and simple. In fact, without having to worry about things like entertainment for guests, favours, seating plans, space limitations, you free up so much time and resources for yourself to DREAM BIG. Go heavy on the design. Splash out on that gorgeous dress. Design the most insanely beautiful seasonal bouquet with your floral designer. Envision a meaningful creative ceremony altar. Decorate a small dinner table just for the two of you. 
Elopement is basically the most perfect date night you can imagine.  
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It’s no secret that guest count is the most budget-straining thing when it comes to wedding planning. The bigger your group is, the more you spend on your food and drinks, on your floral decor, the more elaborate your entertainment needs to be. When it’s just you and your partner, you are sure to spend way less, even if you splurge on luxurious things, like a designer gown, wedding bands, and exclusive floral design. 

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If the idea of eloping got you interested, we will be happy to help you realise your wildest dreams. Having a trusted, professional and design-driven wedding planner with you in this process is a huge advantage. Wherever in the world you decide to elope, there is nothing like being sure that everything will be taken care of: from your flights and gorgeous accommodation to the smallest details of the day, — so you are only left to enjoy this extraordinary luxury of sharing unique moments with your love. 

With our wedding and travel expertise running wide form Morocco to England, from Thailand to Mexico, at Xenia Motif we will be your trusted advisor and best friend. 
Reach out today to discuss your elopement in more detail. 

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