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9 Inspirational Ideas for your Destination Engagement shoot

A good portrait session takes a good deal of planning and curation, and I absolutely love styling and curating these beautiful moments for my clients.
As always, I draw a lot of my inspiration from travels, different cultures and surroundings, and choice of the destination for your portrait shoot is of primary importance. 
If you opt for a destination portrait shoot, you may decide to do it at your wedding destination, a place where you met, where the proposal happened, your favourite country or city…
In any way, the place defines the overall vibe of the shoot, and today I wanted to share 9 engagement photo ideas for your destination session. 


Credits (clockwise from top right corner): via Pinterest, via Pinterest, Nastia Vesna Photography, via Pinterest, @juliahengel

Vibe: Effortless, fresh, laid-back; for someone who likes long strolls in nature and classical English 19-century romance.
Outfit suggestions: knee-length flowy summer dress, cozy knit cardigan or a trench-coat, boater hat for HER; Slim-fit chinos, relaxed cotton shirt and a light sweater for HIM.  


Credits (clockwise from top right corner): via Pinterest, Negin Mirsalehi, Taylor & Porter, Taylor & Porter

Vibe: refined, classic, artsy; for people sharing the love for history, architecture, art, and amazing golden light.

Outfit suggestions: light silk dress in a beautiful natural (but pop) colour ( gold ochre, maroon, green earth), a pair of feminine shoes or high-heel sandals (depending on season), styled locks for HER; smart casual suit for HIM.  


Credits (clockwise from top right corner): Coqui Coqui Residence, Everydaypursuits.com, via Pinterest, Laura Gordon Photography

Vibe: serene, summery, expressionist. Mexico is such an expressive place, with rich historical and cultural roots, and 
Outfit suggestions: off-shoulder dress, wide brim hat, ruffles, colourful statement jewellery for HER; flat front shorts and a casual shirt for him. 


Credits (clockwise from top left): Taylor and Porter, via Dior.com, Joy Proctor Designs,Greg Finck,

Vibe: sophistication, elegance, sensuality joie de vivre. For the couple who love dressing up, or those who want to make this a really really special occasion!

Outfit suggestions: feminine dress with lace or floral appliqués, flowing fabrics, heeled sandals, flowers in hand for HER, black tux for HIM.  


Credits (clockwise from top left): Taylor and Porter, via Pinterest, via Pinterest, @anastasia.shuraeva

Vibe: wild, untamed nature, wind in your hair, and only you two for a few miles around.
Outfit suggestions: loose hair, flowy long dress OR trousers and cosy knit cardigan, military-style boots for HER, jeans and a warm jacket for HIM. 


Credits: All via Pinterest

Vibe: if you want to immerse yourselves in the world of old-school romance, princesses and fairytales. 
Outfit suggestions: your idea of a perfect evening gown or a flowy wedding dress, paired with a subtle tiara for HER, smart suit and a perfectly styled hair for HIM.  


Credits (clockwise from top left): via Pinterest, Beth Kirby of Local Milk, via Dior.com, via Pinterest

Vibe: if wabi-sabi philosophy resonates with you, then Japan is the place to go to witness the beauty of seasons and nature, find a reflection of it in your outfit and relationship. A combination of tradition and modernity, simplicity and a dare — it’s all here.
Outfit suggestions: whimsical dress with appliqués and motives inspired by nature (Dior couture is a perfect example) for HER; smart casual street look with a pop of colour (think dusty pink blazer with a patterned tie) for HIM. 


Credits: Katie Grant Photography (bottom right corner), others via Pinterest

Vibe: southern Spain absorbed a unique combination of European and Middle Eastern influences in its architecture and lifestyle, so it’s exotic, laid-back and festive all at once. 
Outfit suggestions: linen outfits for BOTH with orange/peachy accents in accessories. 


Credits: Erich McVey (top right), others via Pinterest

Vibe: Morocco is your ultimate chance to feel like Jasmine and Aladdin, strolling around ancient medinas and souks, sharing gorgeous sunset over Sahara desert, trying out local delicacies with a pot of fresh mint tea. For people with adventures at heart!
Outfit suggestions: respect local traditions by wearing a maxi gown, covering your shoulders (chance to get playful with sleeves and colours)! Scarves and body jewellery will add a great creative touch. 

Just working on this post gave me a major wanderlust! If you’re looking for help styling or planning your destination portrait session, honeymoon or a destination wedding, write me a message and let’s create something gorgeous together!

*Head image credit: KT Merry
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