Destination Weddings are and have always been one of our most favourite creative projects — meaningful, one-of-a-kind, an important day full of happiness and romance, a personal fairytale, a chance for everyone to feel like movie stars


We offer various packages:

  • Full-Service Wedding Planning & Design
  • Creative Direction & Design
  • Creative Consultations & Guidance


Full-service wedding planning is our most comprehensive package. 

From the overall vision to the tiniest detail — we look after every aspect of the wedding planning, starting from scouting that dream wedding venue you always wanted, to sourcing and managing best-fit vendors, timeline management, scheduling and budget control.


Xenia will mastermind the complete creative vision, creating the design that complements and reflects you as a couple, and stay on top of the entire planning process throughout. 

In addition to our creative vision and design, planning service offers you a peace of mind when it comes to the challenging task of orchestrating a wedding, especially — a destination wedding

All projects are unique and receive a custom quote, please reach out to more details. 





Design and styling are essential parts of our work, — and no wedding is complete without one.

Creating wholesomely beautiful immersive weddings that spark conversation is our passion — and it all starts with understanding your vision of the day, then combining it with our expertise and artistic eye. 

Through artful curation of ideas and concepts, we create detailed mood boards, then orchestrating the creative team of artists and vendors, we finally reach a harmonious, organic, and fully 
personalised design that tells your story. 

We are there for you to create the cohesive overall vision, clearly define the aesthetic, capture the essence of your story in design, and manage the team responsible for telling this story and implementing our vision. 


Our artistic insights, a wide network of top wedding professionals, experience and creative execution means that your wedding day is going to be unique and gorgeous, completely stress-free.


All projects are unique and receive a custom quote, please reach out to more details. 




Sometimes you want to dive into the wedding planning yourself and do not need a full-scale help of a wedding planner or a creative direction, however, need this little extra bit of guidance and mentoring when it comes to creative vision and design. We hear you!

With years of experience planning, designing and executing events in various corners of the world, Xenia will guide you through her creative consultancy, picking up piece by piece elements of your perfect wedding, — through a series of smart questionnaires and face to face conversations. She will then work on a comprehensive mood board, covering everything from florals, paper goods, rentals, linens, lighting, to smaller miscellaneous things, adding recommedations on possible vendors you can contact for each category.

A perfect option for a DIY bride needed a little creative push, or for those who do not wish to allocate a large budget for a creative director or a wedding planner.



Ther service comes at a fixed one-off rate, please reach out to more details. 



The role of the creative director in events is oftentimes not very well understood, and I like bringing the analogy of a film director, — who is there to ensure the integrity of the creative vision and to convey the ultimate message.  

I enjoy creating a wholesome experience rather than just an event and have a deep appreciation for warm relationships, great food, culture, and design. My creative direction takes you and your guests on a journey, that will leave a lasting impression in memory.

Based in London and travelling for work all around the world, I am most excited by curating different cultures and my travel experience into my designs. 
I commit only to a limited number of events every year, which guarantees my time and dedication necessary for each project personalisation and uniqueness, as well as the highest quality of service.