for design-conscious
I don't offer a wedding of your dreams, I present you with the experience of your lifetime. I truly and wholeheartedly believe that the most wonderful wedding is actually the journey, not the destination. It can not and should not be just about the day. It should be you enjoying the moments in between, getting excited about the big picture and the little details, sharing these moments with your loved ones, — yet all without compromising the lifestyle you love.

Just like every person and every couple is unique, so are my weddings. My designs are always intentional and reflective of your personalities and your story.

Our work starts from an informal meeting, whether virtual or in person in London, where I can learn more about you, your vision for the wedding day, what is important for you and and what makes you tick.

Taking this knowledge I create a custom proposal tailored to your wishes. Whether you are after an intimate perfectly-designed elopement or a stately grandeur of a formal party, — the result of our work is always a day filled with beauty, style, and meaningful details, as well as your calmness and security throughout the process.

Wherever you live in the world, I work internationally with design-conscious couples who look for memorable and culturally-rich celebration experiences in the most beautiful corners of the world.

XM offerings

Full planning
Wedding planing is a profoundly personal experience, and together we set on a very special journey, creating a truly unique day that will reflect your personal story and immerse everyone present into a truly meaningful atmosphere.

From scouting a perfect venue, to curating a team of exceptional vendors, to overseeing the perfect interpretation of our vision into life, — I will be there for you every step of the way, planning, designing, styling and coordinating all details.

You deserve a beautiful, meaningful and smooth wedding. You also deserve the most enjoyable engagement. That is why I take all the stress of planning and logistic organisation off your hands, leaving you to enjoy your time with your loved ones. Your hobbies, your passions, your parties with friends and family dinners, — all these should not be compromised because you're immersed in the planning. You won't have to think about vendors to contact, services to pay for, or budget to plan — all these are mine to tackle.

Each wedding is unique and so are my service offerings. I charge a fixed fee rather than a percentage to provide you with peace of mind, the actual amount based on the complexity of your event (multiple day events and destination weddings are subject to extra charges).

Creative direction
Our creative direction service focuses solely on the aesthetic side of your event, although our objective is to always make sure that every element of the design ties back to the ultimate goal of creating a meaningful and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

We discuss your inspiration and your vision, then I take it to develop a cohesive creative concept and design board for your wedding day. Sparing no detail, I will source every visual element, — making sure that not only it is breathtakingly beautiful, but it also creates enhanced experience for your and your guests and sparks inspiring conversations.

I personally manage all creative suppliers from brief to delivery, as well as take care of on-the-day styling to make sure that our vision is executed to perfection.

Design consultation
If you decide to embark on your wedding planning journey yourself, yet need initial help establishing the overall design vision, I can offer a design consultation package that provides this little creative spark.

Whether you are overwhelmed by Pinterest searches and Instagram inspiration, or have a pretty good idea of what you want but can't visualise how how to bring it all together, — I'll help you navigate the complex world of visual planning.

After our initial 1 hour discovery call and a few questionnaires I send you to fill in, I will work on creating your moodboard, a few choices of colour palettes, and overall creative vision. I then curate a list of wedding suppliers that can bring this vision to life and provide you with a list of cherry-picked contacts.

You can use these documents to connect with wedding creatives and communicate your vision to them — ultimately creating a cohesive and thoughtful design for your special event.