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Major Wedding Myths Dispelled

Being such a major and life-changing event, weddings have many myths grown around them. Regardless of whether you’re planning a small intimate elopement or a large-scale destination wedding in a remote country, you will inevitably have a lot of questions about the process, and today we’re debuting some of the myths you might come across. 

Wedding Planners are a luxury and they are costly

This is probably one of the biggest myths existing out there. For a long time, when wedding planners only appeared as a profession, people had a hard time to understand who the planner really was and they did; after all, for years and years, this job was practically done by volunteering family members and friends. 

As time passed, wedding planner services started to be considered an invaluable asset, yet the assumption that it is only a prerogative of those with gigantic budgets remained.
In reality, wedding planner fees is one of the best investments you can make. 

Best wedding planners know the industry from the inside and have a better knowledge of best suitable vendors and their prices.  More importantly though, by hiring a wedding planner you give yourself a gift of freedom, save your valuable time, which can be spent actually enjoying your engagement period. 
Wedding planner prices in the UK usually range between 10-15% of the total wedding budget, but minimum fees are always applied. 

Wedding Adds A Surcharge on Everything

A lot of people feel like wedding services are more expensive than anything else, especially when it comes to things like flowers, decor and beauty services. In reality, though, it really isn’t.

The truth is: event vendors and organisers are not trying to get more money fast, they are trying hard to provide you with the best possible level of products and services for one very special day of your life. 
Let’s take florists, for instance. Their quote to you will not only cover the cost of flowers per se (which you probably compare the price against!), but also the logistics, shipping and delivery costs, manpower, a creative fee for arrangements… There’s so much going on behind-the-scenes!

Similarly, bridal makeup is a special service, which more often than not is based on luxury beauty products, includes touch-ups and trials, as well as artists fee for travelling to the venue. 

You have to have first dance / cake cutting / bouquet toss / etc for it to be a ‘real’ wedding

There are a lot of wedding traditions in different cultures, and couples often feel pressured to incorporate them into their day, because they see them at every wedding they go.

When in fact, in the modern world, if something doesn’t feel close to your heart, you don’t have ever to do it! 
If you are shy first dance in front of 100 people feels like too much, skip it and simply bring everyone to the dance floor for the party straight away! 

If you feel like wearing blush instead of white for your wedding, go for it, and express your personality!
There is no right and wrong when it comes to a wedding these days. 

Wedding takes at least a year to organise 

Most people are under impression that organising a wedding in under a year is a mission impossible. In reality, with the help of a talented wedding planner, you can pull off a gorgeous celebration in a way less time. The most important thing to lock in if you’re pressed in time is a venue, as lots of them get reserved for weekends quite in advance. If your date is flexible, even a few months is a perfectly manageable timeframe.

Do not rush the process either, though, as engagement is a special time in life of any couple, make sure to enjoy it as much as you can.  

DIY projects are great and can save you money

While it might be tempting to work on some things on your own to save the cost, it doesn’t always work this way. If you truly enjoy doing something and it is something you’ve done for a while and are really good it, definitely go for it!
Maybe you’re a graphic designer or a brilliant calligrapher, then your self-designed and hand-written invitations will create a special personal touch.

If, however, you’re only tempted by cost-savings in your desire to handle stationery on your own, you might end up really disappointed with the final result. Is it really worth it?  

You can hire friends/people you know to save the cost

Your best friend is a genius when it comes to arranging flowers? Or maybe your cousin is a talented makeup artist? It might be tempting to hire your friends of family members for some wedding services, but it also might be a very slippery path. Will you be comfortable communicating your needs and desires to them, providing directions? Will you be brave to give comments if something needs improvement? 

Hiring a professional is a much safer choice! 


Best wedding planners will be able to advise you on every step of the planning process and support you in questions where you might have doubts.
Xenia Motif provides wedding design and event organisation services in London, the UK and around the world. 


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